miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

CV in English

Copywriter, publicist, social psychologist, former teacher of Spanish in the United States and proud cancer survival.
Living in almost eight years in America, I became an active participant in local communities there. So many of my new family of friends expressed keen interest in the culture of South America. In response to this interest I wrote Latinoamérica Sabores y Saberes / Latinamerica Cuisine & Culture.
Experience & jobs fields
Experienced in writing ad script, editorial pieces, press releases, research reports, and creative print/radio ad copy in Spanish. Well-versed in copy editing and proofreading in Spanish, most recently as editor for a Spanish Newsletter and Spanish editor for the Carpetbag Theatre bilingual newsletter. Skilled in English language; familiarity with virtually all writing styles; serious commitment to excellence in the printed and published word.
Experienced (15 years) in Spanish freelance writing, editing, and proofreading.
Buenos Aires - Argentina
• Spanish Teacher • Social Psychologist - Mass Media studies
• Creativity and Marketing seminars (Edward del Bono, Peter Drucker)
• ONG and Non Proffit seminars and training • Command Spanish certified Professional
Experience 1978 – 2000
• Lintas Advertising
• WJ Thompson: I wrote advertising and radio programs for Kodak (El color de la vida) and Ford (Felizmente Ford)
• Ratto/BBDO: senior copywriter for Editorial Atlántida, Colección Libro Elegido, Para Ti and Billiken.
• Dreyfus Advertising: I created copy and commercial films. I won a Gold Pencil award for Casa de Troya and Heladeras Patrick
• COLOR SA: senior copywriter for Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden, Puig, Maybelline (Argentina) • Miss Ylang: I created the Argentinean image and press releases for this Argentinean cosmetic line. Currently, Miss Ylang is Miss Ylang/Maybelline by L’oreal 1990 - 2000 Buenos Aires - Argentina Advertising and Press Releases Clients • Miss Ylang
• IAC Computer Education
• Pizza Hut
• Craveri Laboratories
• Solidarity Net (ONG) Not-for-Profit Organization
• Drimer Chocolates
• Vantage Pharmacies Solidarity Net (Red Solidaria)volunteer -
2000 – 2004 Tennessee - USA
• Created “The Spanish Touch” - bilingual newspaper
• Edited HOLA, Hora Latina, monthly newsletter
• Worked as Associate Editor for Mundo Hispano
•Taught Spanish at Roanne State College, HUD, Carpetbag Theatre
Carpetbag Theater Newsletter (Spanish edition)
Carpetbag Theater Bilingual coordinator between the Hispanic and Afroamerican communities
2004 - 2007 Argentina
• Wrote the bilingual book Latinoamérica Sabores y Saberes/ Latin America Cuisines & Culture
• Accesit Award Metrovías (The Metro), for Love Letters concourse
• Websites development
• Wrote bilingual greeting cards collection: Thinking of you
• Blog: http://www.learnspanishonlinelive.com/
• Dr. Angel H. Roffo Oncologic Institute volunteer. Press Release area. Las voluntarias del árbol. The tree volunteers.
Computer Skills
Microsoft Office • Internet research; blogs & websites development
Areas of interest
Internet, yoga, meditation, addictions treatment, non profit associations, solidarity, music.
My writing accents: the positive side of the human nature